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Services Intranet

PubliChem Intranet is mainly intended for companies wishing to have an internal communication tool for their safety documents.

The functions offered by PubliChem Intranet are identical to those offered by PubliChem EXTRANET. This implies of course that you buy and maintain a server. We can provide you with this hardware and the necessary technical maintenance. The access authorisations and the management of your documents are also executed by an internal administrator who is entitled to allocate logins and passwords. He will also be able to modify the online files and ensure that all the users who have accessed the document will receive the updates.

PubliChem Intranet can also be used as a server for the company's documents. The chosen computing solution is stable and powerful. Your IT department will be delighted with the numerous options of the system.

A synchronisation can be implemented with the PubliChem Internet/Extranet server in order to transmit your documents outside the company. Your Intranet server is able to communicate with PubliChem Internet to send the updates of the documents for external use.

The power of the Intranet server combined with specific developments results in the optimal management of your internal and external safety documents and, even better, in the integration of these documents in your existing computing system. Contact us and be amazed by PubliChem Intranet's flexibility.

The PubliChem Team