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The solutions

PubliChem can fulfil your needs and still allow you maximum flexibility.

Each application requires little effort on your part, thus enabling those without IT skills to use our system.

Of course, we also offer the possibility to integrate PubliChem pages inside your own website or even to customize your web pages. The only restriction is to follow effective procedure rules.

PubliChem Internet is intended for companies eager to freely publish their sheets on the Internet. This version grants an unlimited public access to the safety data sheets while identifying the users in order to ensure the correct distribution of updated sheets.

PubliChem Extranet will be used for granting limited access to all or some of your documents. In this system, the user has to register as in the Internet version, but your ADMINISTRATOR has the capability to grant levels of authorisation. He can also authorise a limited access to certain types of documents or even to each document.

Finally, PubliChem Intranet is an internal service aimed at the management of your documents on your local network. In this application, to be implemented in your company, the system is more complex since there will be the requirement to install a server connected to your local network. This version, more difficult to implement, requires a technical intervention on site. We can provide you with technical support to help you integrate PubliChem Intranet into your system.

PubliChem Intranet may also be combined with PubliChem Internet/Extranet for the automatic sending of specific documents on the Net.

Each solution answers a specific need. Contact us and we will help you select the best application for your needs.

The PubliChem Team